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Terms and Conditions – JS Gas & Property Services

Where requested, your quote will be provided in a PDF document format. This price is valid for 30 days from the date on the quote, unless otherwise agreed and noted on the document supplied.

Payment Terms
We are unable to provide credit facilities.

A minimum 50% deposit is required in advance of any work commencing that is quoted at £500 or more. The outstanding balance of payment is due immediately once the work is completed.  Cash, card payments and bank transfers are accepted.

In cases when the person authorised to make payment will not be immediately available once the work has been completed, then full payment will be taken in advance when the booking is confirmed.

Legal action will be taken on all unpaid invoices.  All legal and court costs associated with pursuing the outstanding balance will be added to the invoice, and if necessary will be referred to a debt collection agency and registered on the national register.

Bookings and Cancellations
A cancellation less than 2 calendar days prior to the date the work is due to commence (Quote: £500 or more):  The 50% deposit that has been paid in advance is non-refundable.

A cancellation less than 2 calendar days prior to date the work is due to commence (Quotes less than £500): 20% of the agreed quote will be payable.

If a booking is requested by the customer to be moved to another date, less than 2 calendar days before the work is due to commence, then  20% of the original quote will be added to the total cost at our discretion, and a new quote will be issued.

Every effort will be made to install equipment / carry out work as quickly as possible. The completion time/date is an approximation, and therefore failure to complete the work on a given date shall not render us liable for damages, lost time or any other consequential loss.
During installations, it may be required to route under floors and in wall cavities. Whilst every effort is made to reduce any inconvenience, it may be necessary for carpets, floor coverings or decorations to be removed for access.  Dust sheets will be used where possible.

Customer Responsibility
It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the engineer of the location of any pipes or cables, which may be damaged during the installation.  No responsibility can be accepted for damage to said pipes or cables or for the consequential damage to property or fitting, unless notification has been given in advance.

Access to all areas should be given without delay, within normal working hours.  All areas, where possible, must be cleared of furniture and personal/business possessions before the engineer’s arrival.  The cost of such clearance is not included in your quote.

We offer a 12 months warranty on our workmanship.  Faulty materials/supplies covered by a manufacturer’s warranty will still be chargeable for fault finding and labour.  It is the customer’s responsibility to register for any applicable warranty with the manufacturer.

Complaints or Damage
Any issues arising from all work completed, must be reported in writing within 3 days of completion.