You may have heard or read about the horror stories of gas repairs gone wrong; horrific injuries, rooms and homes severely damaged, and cowboy builders in court over less than stellar repair work. Yet it is shocking how many people will still call in a general handyman for something as volatile as a gas repair, or worse still, attempt to fix the problem themselves.

Hornchurch Gas Engineer

Granted, gas is probably one of the most heavily monitored power supplies, meaning accidents are less likely than with, say, electricity. But the potential for damage is much greater as supply systems are so much more complicated, and plenty can go wrong if the repair of such systems are not handled correctly. But apart from this, why is it important to get the right people for the job?

Legal Compliance

Calling out a gas engineer in Hornchurch or nearby will mean that, if the engineer was found from using the Gas Safe register, they will be operating legally and have displayed such knowledge and skill that prove they have received the appropriate, legally required accreditation to work with gas. Calling a friend of a friend who has a pair of pliers and a vague notion of gas piping, or the local handyman, is both dangerous and potentially illegal.

Knowledge of What’s Required

Who is to know what exactly a gas repair job is likely to entail? The answer is simple; a qualified gas engineer. It may only be something that seems inconsequential, like a slight smell of gas, or a quiet leaking sound, but this may be something that requires shutting off the supply to not just the house, but in a worst case scenario evacuating nearby buildings. Similarly, something which on the face of it looks like a major problem may be easily sorted by a qualified gas engineer, but only by them.

The temptation to avoid an official repair process may be there for whatever reason; cost, time or the simple fact that it looks like a quick job and it’s not worth hassling anyone over it. But whether it’s a routine boiler service in Essex, or a leaking pipe at 3am, there really is no reason, or (if things go wrong) legal justification, for attempting to get an unauthorised, unqualified and potentially unsafe gas repair completed. Call the professionals such as JS Gas & Property Services every time.

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