Gas heating systems can be automated to text homeowners in the event of a problem or defect with their central heating boiler systems. British Gas customers across the UK who decide to subscribe to this new and tech-savvy service called Boiler IQ9 will benefit from an intelligent boiler system that reports possible issues to the national supplier. If there is a problem, the system sends a text message to the homeowner suggesting they arrange an appointment for boiler servicing. In the absence of any response from the homeowner, British Gas plans to telephone the homeowner instead.

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The move is designed to help homeowners keep their homes warm on winter nights and avoid catastrophic boiler failure. The gas company has recently found that most breakdowns occur up to twenty-four hours before the typical owner contacts the service team to request a diagnostic repair visit from a gas engineer. Not only does this automated process save time, but it may also increase efficiency. In some circumstances, the fault detection system may also be able to report the nature of the defect to the supplier, along with an indication of the parts that will be required to complete repairs swiftly.

Certain types of boiler can be retrofitted with this emerging technology while the supplier also plans a parallel process to fit the necessary hardware connection on some of its new models. Some experts do consider, however, that the practical implementation of this system may not currently be straightforward, citing the fact that it requires a connection to the home router which must also be compatible with Zig-Bee wireless standards.

More than half of the UK population has had to go without heating for a period of twenty-four hours at some point during the last five years. The supplier aims to make boiler repairs more efficient, avoid repeat visits and continuously send live data – this also assists with diagnosing troublesome intermittent defects to avoid the disappointing sensation experienced on seeing a red warning light on a cold night.

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