Most homes use a boiler for their central heating and hot water systems. A damaged or broken boiler has the obvious side effect that could mean no hot water or limited heating when things go wrong. It could also increase the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, or you could be pouring money into your electricity bill despite the fact that it is having no effect on a broken central heating system. As well as considering a routine maintenance plan, you should also ensure that you use a reputable and reliable service that offers boiler repair for London properties.

East London Boiler Repair Services
Heating And Hot Water

The most notable problem with a broken boiler is that it is likely to impact on your heating and hot water. This can be a problem at any time of year, because hot water is a basic need for bathing and for other household requirements. However during winter, it could potentially be dangerous, leaving you without heating in your home during the coldest months. With a maintenance plan, it is possible to avoid many of these potential heating system breakdowns by identifying problems early and making repairs while the problem remains small.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is produced when fossil fuels, like gas, are not burned properly. When a heating system is working properly, carbon monoxide does not build up, but if there is damage to a boiler, or repairs are needed, then this could mean that carbon monoxide is allowed to build up, and eventually reach dangerous levels. Prolonged exposure can have fatal consequences, so a professional boiler repair in East London should be considered an essential part of your annual maintenance.

Increased Energy Costs

If you have noticed that you are paying even more than usual for your gas bill, despite the fact that you haven’t really turned the heating up, and you aren’t using more gas in other areas of the house, then this could be an indication that your boiler is damaged. Having professional repairs made to the boiler means that your gas consumption should return to normal, therefore reducing your gas bills once again.

Maintenance And Repairs

Annual boiler maintenance checks help to identify minor issues before they become huge problems. However, even with the most efficient maintenance plan, damage may still occur to your boiler. It is vital that you call a reputable and reliable repair service such as JS Gas & Property Services if you encounter problems with your boiler system.

Carbon monoxide poisoning,
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – What Are The Symptoms?,

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