The boiler is a critical part of any British home, especially during the winter, as it provides homeowners with the necessary heating and hot water to make the cold weather more bearable. Therefore, keeping your boiler in tiptop shape should be one of your primary concerns as a homeowner.

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Most people will only have their boiler checked or serviced when something goes wrong, and more often than not this is going to be in the dead of winter, when it’s simply impossible to live without one. The good news is that there is a way for you to ensure your boiler runs smoothly during the cold winter months, and that’s by having it serviced by a gas engineer annually. You follow a strict maintenance schedule for your car, don’t you? Then you need to do the same for your boiler. Just as it is with your car, having your boiler serviced regularly is a great way to keep it running optimally the whole year around.

According to Essex and Hornchurch based boiler service providers such as JS Gas & Property Services, the best time for boiler servicing is during the hottest months, from July to September. It’s likely you won’t be using your boiler then, so the servicing job will have minimal effect on your daily routine.

Aside from preventing boiler issues from happening, an annual boiler check is a great way to keep your equipment running efficiently. A boiler that’s not working efficiently is likely to be costing you more money on your fuel bill, and over time you could stand to lose a significant amount of money. Although an annual boiler service will cost you a little up front, it can end up being a significant money saver for you in the long term.

The winter may seem like a long way away and you may feel that you do not need your boiler just yet, however it’s important that you still use it from time to time to keep your unit in shape. Just like the human body, the longer you leave your boiler unused, the more likely it will be to suffer from stress caused by sudden usage, which can increase the chances of something going wrong.

For a timely boiler check, call upon the services of a trusted boiler service provider like JS Gas & Property Services.

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