Property Services: Differentiating between a Gas Engineer and Plumber

If you are a homeowner living in Hornchurch and you face plumbing and heating problems, it can sometimes be confusing over whom to call for a particular job—does it require a plumber or a gas engineer? More often than not, you can find both of them employed by the same company. Knowing the difference between [...]

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Boiler Repair and Beyond-Tips to Help You Save on Energy Consumption

The world faces steadily increasing energy bills. As such, everybody needs to do their part in identifying and implementing energy saving measures. But where do you start? While some of the biggest energy-saving measures require time and money, there are plenty of simple, practical changes that you can do to your lifestyle that will help [...]

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Intelligent Gas Heating Boiler Replacement in London – Automatic Fault Detection

Gas heating systems can be automated to text homeowners in the event of a problem or defect with their central heating boiler systems. British Gas customers across the UK who decide to subscribe to this new and tech-savvy service called Boiler IQ9 will benefit from an intelligent boiler system that reports possible issues to the [...]

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Boiler Repairs: Addressing Problems Before They Become an Emergency

With winter at an end, now is a good time to take stock of your central heating system and decide whether your boiler requires repair or replacement. You may have been ignoring smaller issues with your central heating, like low water pressure, strange noises in the pipes, or radiators that don’t get quite as hot [...]

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Thinking Of Becoming Your Own Boss?

Have you ever sat at your desk, your email inbox full with requests demanding immediate, life depends on it type attention, and excruciatingly unexciting paperwork work lining up high the edges of your desk?  Ever been on the train on you daily commute, disturbingly pressed up close at angles imaginable to your fellow commuters?  Ever [...]

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What’s The Difference Between A Plumber And A Gas Engineer?

Interestingly, there’s a big difference.  They are completely different trades.  So it still comes as surprise when I hear the two words used interchangeably when people refer to my trade.  I am a gas engineer based in Essex and London areas, and specialise in domestic gas services.  To clarify further, this involves any work relating [...]

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