London Boiler Repair Experts Explain Why You Need an Annual Service

The colder months are coming, making this a good time to take a look at your boiler and make sure it’s still serviceable. Make a visual inspection of the boiler by checking flame colour and strength, look for water leaks, and listen for any strange noises. Even if your boiler is running without issues, you [...]

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Check with a Gas Engineer Before Turning on Heating This Winter

During our long and hot summer days, we often put our boiler and heating system at the back of our minds and pull the fans out of storage. While this is totally understandable, keeping your heating system in tip top condition is vital when being prepared for the cold weather to settle back in. Calling [...]

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Hornchurch Gas Engineer Teaches How to Fix Boiler Pressure Problems

Your hot water system needs to maintain a certain pressure level to ensure it delivers its contents efficiently to where they need to be. If pressure decreases or increases beyond the ideal level, this can mean no hot water in your home. You will be able to identify if boiler pressure is the culprit of [...]

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London Boiler Repair: Has Your Central Heating System Been Power Flushed Yet?

If your boiler can’t seem to reach the same level of efficiency as when you first installed it, there’s a good chance it may already be in need of a good power flushing. If you’re wondering what a power flush is, it’s a process that cleans and clears all the pipes and heaters that belong [...]

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London Boiler Repair and Installation—Boiler Upgrade Considerations

Anyone with a home boiler will eventually think of replacing their heating equipment at one point or another. For those whose boiler is at least a decade old, that time may come sooner. According to experts, a boiler takes up as much as 50 percent of a household’s energy bills during the cold season. When [...]

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Essex Boiler Service Provider Reveals the Value of Annual Servicing

The boiler is a critical part of any British home, especially during the winter, as it provides homeowners with the necessary heating and hot water to make the cold weather more bearable. Therefore, keeping your boiler in tiptop shape should be one of your primary concerns as a homeowner. […]

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